Website Flipping for Investors

Serious investors should get involved in long term website flipping for maximising the return on their investment.

The traditional investment avenues of property and stock markets have been taking a bruising recently. Savvy investors looking for alternative markets with potentially high returns have been turning their attention to buying and selling websites and domain names. Websites are very often undervalued, currently, by website owners so with the right training it is easy to find an online business that you can buy and sell on for a significant margin.

In fact, as energy and oil prices are soaring, and the cost of transporting brochures and publicity materials is increasing, more and more offline businesses are looking at using websites as a strategy for reducing their marketing costs. Some are looking at websites to reduce their reliance on commercial premises. Businesses are realising that if they want to have a new website with traffic, it might be better and quicker to buy one that somebody has already developed with an existing customer base.

This requires more initial investment to secure a better initial property

Here are some recent examples of successful website and domain sales: sold for £425,000 in April 2008. sold for £40,000 in September 2008. The proud new owners of have added it to their other generic site,, to sell Eastern style home accessories, paintings and furniture. At the beginning of September, the domain name exchanged hands for an attractive $117,650. The website is not currently being used, but we assume that a website flipper has acquired it to use for advertisements, agency connections, and to provide a fashion industry news service.

Finding an Undervalued Asset

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