Beginners Website Flipping

Entry level website flipping is focused on having a quick turnaround for buying, enhancing and selling websites.

This is the best starting strategy for people thinking of getting involved in website flipping as you learn the ropes very quickly. I recommend getting some experience at the lower end of the market before engaging in the larger deals to be done. You should consider your first website flipping venture as a learning experience. You will make mistakes, and you should see this as positive because it means that you are learning.

Make mistakes at this level, learn from them, and then you will know the pitfalls to watch out for when you get involved in larger transactions and contracts. Flipping websites is a lot more fun when there is less money at stake, and you will find it easier to laugh at your mistakes.

1. Find a Niche in a "Hungry Market"

2. Find the Revenue Generators in that Niche

3. Buy and Existing Website or Choose a Search Engine Friendly Domain Name

a) What to look for in an existing domain name

b) What to look for in an existing website

c) How to find who actually owns a website and how to establish a contract to purchase the website and any rights to website design and the transfer of any intellectual property.

d) Last alternative - a fresh domain registration

3. Avoid Trademark Terms

4. Generating Content

5. Building Web 2.0 Traffic

6. Get Indexed

7. Maximising Revenue on the Website

8. Easy Added Value
Buy Content. Buy Stock Photography.

9. Advertising the Website For Sale

10. Buyer Found - Showing the Around

11. Securing a Sale and learning about safe ways of paying fo rthe website and exchanging title

12. Passing Legal Rights of Ownership

It's tempting to jump straight into doing the website up immediately, and stripping it of its assets. However, you should have a rest at this stage, instead, and look at the statistical reports of how people are using the website currently before you dismantle the website.
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